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The Anansi position (2013)
Anthropological futures (1997)
The author as anthropologist. Some West Indian lessons... (1994)


Gregory Bateson and the North Sea ethnicity paradigm (2004)
Being Norwegian in a shrinking world (1993)
Being Irrelevant in a Relevant Way: Anthropology and Public Wisdom (2018)
Between universalism and relativism: A critique of the UNESCO concepts of culture (2001)
Beyond the paradox of the big, bad wolf (2015)


The challenges of anthropology (2010)
The colonial and the postcolonial: A view from Scandinavia on Italian minority issues (2002)
Common Denominators: Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Politics of Compromise in Mauritius (1998)
Communicating Cultural Difference and Identity: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Mauritius (1988)
Complexity in social and cultural integration: Some analytical dimensions (2007)
The composition of anthropology (2018)
Confessions of a useful idiot (or why culture should be brought back in) (2002)
Cooling Down the Overheated Anthropocene: Lessons from Anthropology and Cultural History (2018)
Counterreactions: The "No to EU" and the FIS in the eye of the whirlwind (1996)
Creolization and creativity (2003)
Creolization in anthropological theory and in Mauritius (2007)
Cultural contagion in a new key (2006)
The cultural contexts of ethnic differences (1991)
The culture of airports (1992)


A darker shade of pale: Cultural intimacy in an age of terrorism (2011)
The nation as a human being – a metaphor in a mid-life crisis? (1998)
Difference versus diversity: Neo-liberalism in the minority debate (2006)


Economies of ethnicity (2005)
Eduardo Archetti (1943–2005) (2005)
Engaging Anthropology: The Case For a Public Presence (2005)
The epistemological status of the concept of ethnicity (1994)
Ethnic identity, national identity and intergroup conflict (2001)
Ethnicity, class and the 1999 Mauritian riots (2004)
Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives (1993/2002)
Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives, 3rd edition (2010)
Ethnicity versus nationalism (1991)
Europe between ambivalence and fundamentalism (1997)


Flag, Nation and Symbolism in Europe and North America (2007)
Formal and informal nationalism (1993)
From obsessive egalitarianism to universalistic pluralism? (2005)
A future-oriented, non-ethnic nationalism? (1993)


Ernest Gellner and the multicultural mess (2007)
Globalisation and the politics of identity (1999)
Globalisation – studies in anthropology (2003)
Globalization: The Key Concepts (2007), second edition 2014.

A history of anthropology (2001), second edition 2012.
How can the global be local? (2005)

Imagined Indians (1997)
International relations as a cultural system: An agenda for research, with Iver B Neumann (1993)
The Internet, the "laws of media" and identity politics (1996)
In search of Brussels (1995)
In which sense do cultural islands exist? (1993)
Indians in new worlds: Trinidad and Mauritius (1992)


Keeping the recipe: Norwegian folk costumes and cultural capital (2004)
Knowledge and power in an overheated world (2017)


Languages at the margins of modernity: Linguistic minorities and the nation-state (1991)
Liming in Trinidad: The art of doing nothing (1990)
Linguistic hegemony and minority resistance (1992)
Linguistic McDonaldisation or universal cosmopolitanism? English as an academic language (2005)
Living in an overheated world (2009)


Mauritian society between the ethnic and the non-ethnic (1997)
The Mauritian Creole and the concept of creolisation (1999)
Mechanisms of inclusion and controversies of integration (1997)
Media Speed: Notes on an Accelerating Culture (2005)
Mind the gap: Flexibility, epistemology and new work (2005)
Modernity and ethnic fragmentation (1992)
Multiculturalism, individualism and human rights: Romanticism, Enlightenment and lessons from Mauritius (1996)
Multiple traditions and the problem of cultural integration (1992)


Nationalism and the Internet (2007)
Nationalism, Mauritian style: Cultural unity and ethnic diversity (1994)
A non-ethnic state for Africa? (1996)


On the anthropology of climate change, with Dasa Licen (2018)
The Otherness of Norwegian Anthropology (2009)
Outsourcing the welfare state (2006)


Paradoxes of cultural recognition (2009)
Place, kinship and the case for non-ethnic nations (2004)
The place of anthropology in an overheated world (2015)
Politics, jobs and marriage: Ethnic relations in Mauritius (1989)


Rebuilding the ship at sea: super-diversity, person and conduct in eastern Oslo (2015)
Risking security (2005)


Sex, violence and nationalism (2018)
The sexual life of nations (2002)
Small Places -- Large Issues. An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. (1995/2001), third edition 2010, fourth edition 2014.
Some questions about flags (2007)
Stacking and temporality (2007)
Steps to an ecology of transnational sport (2007)
Symbolic power struggles in inter-cultural space (1993)


Tensions between the ethnic and the post-ethnic (1995)
The young rebel and the dusty professor (2003)
Trust and reciprocity in transnational flows (2008)
Tunnel Vision (2007)
Tyranny of the moment (2001)
Two tales of cultural diversity (2011)


Us and Them in Modern Societies: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Mauritius, Trinidad and Beyond (pdf file contains chapters 1, 4 and 7)


Walls: The local and the global in a shrinking world (1991)
Waste and the superfluous: an introduction (2017)
We and us: Two modes of group identification (1995)
What is anthropology? (2004), second edition 2017.
Who or What to Blame. Competing Interpretations of the Norwegian Terrorist Attack (2014)
A world of insecurity (2010)